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Yemans St. located in the heart of beautiful Hamtramck, Mi.  We offer an unparalleled dining experience from the finest chefs of Metro Detroit and beyond.  Each chef will bring their own unique vision to Yemans St, ensuring a dining experience like none you've experienced before.  Seating is limited for all dinners.  All dinners are private parties and can be purchased under Dinner Tickets tab.   Yemans St. is considered a 'Pop-up' restaurant in which case you MUST purchase your tickets in advance.  The Chef for the night purchases his food the day prior to event so you're meal will have the freshest ingredients.  This is also the reason for 48 hour cancellation notice.   


Yemans Street was founded in May 2014 by a search through an online add.  Matt had a quick idea and jumped for it!  Why not right?  After all, we are told to follow our dreams.  Living out that dream for the past 2+ years has been incredible.  We never thought we would have ended up where we are today and you all helped us get here.  By liking and sharing pictures,  by word of mouth, even sharing our business cards.  In the end, the only thing that matters is the last bite you take from your fork.  

Eat well my friends. 

Yemans Street would love for patrons to arrive approximately 15-30 minutes ahead for seating purposes.  If your party is more than four people, we highly recommend arriving early.  we try to ACCOMMODATE everyone but there is no guarantee.  

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2995 Yemans St.

Hamtramck, MI.




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